Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy New year

Yes, I am still here .... however infrequently it may be, I am here.

Life is busy with hockey & the kids & knitting & crocheting .... but hey, that's life, right?!?! The only real new thing is that I went to change the appearance of my blog & I lost all my links that I had up ..... arghhhhh .... very frustrating! I must find some time to add those again as I'm sure the few people who actually peek at this would like them not to mention I like to use them too - lol.

Hmmm, knitting news ... I am just abot half way done my stash-eliminator cardigan ... and I actually thingk I might wear it - lol. My ds even asked if I'd make him a vest or something like it!! I guess it looks alright!!

Well, I guess I'd better get back to 'real' life as it's almost time to go get this kids from school .... ah, enjoying this last bit of quiet before the yelling starts ... ::sigh::