Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday .....

Well, the weekend is here .... isn't that exciting - lol.

Start a hat last night for my dd's hockey chum, I sure hope she likes it! It's actually in crochet, not knit ::gasp:: can you imagine?!?! I am really trying to grap crochet, but I find that with a lot of it, I really have to think about what I'm doing .... very unlike knitting! Hopefully I'll be finished it before hockey this afternoon, so it leaves me a few hours to get it done ... then I think dd is going to want another one more similar to this new design - lol ... And I still need to finish ds #2's scarf that he is constantly reminding me that I need to finish - lol ... gotta love kids!!

Well, I guesss I should go for now ... I'll try to remember to snap a pic of the hat before it's gifted so y'all can see it!!