Sunday, April 29, 2007

Still suffering

Well, my left wrist is still aching, but I do think I've figured it out a bit more. When I was MUCH younger I broken this wrist, but the doctor never casted it, his reasoning for this was "I can't make a very nice looking cast" ... ::sigh:: ... so I had is wrapped with an elastic bandage, but being a kid, and it was the summer, I took it off & suffered. Anyway, I figure that age, time & a bad doctor all have mixed together & are no causing me grief! BLAHK!!!
On knitting new, I am working on my tube vest from Fitted Knits and my Babette Blanket, whihc is crocheted ... ooohhhh!
I think I shall start mailing my SP10 partner some of her gifts this week in the hopes that they will start arriving by Mother's Day.
Other than that ... no much is new, it's just warmer than all get-out here, but I can live with it!