Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ticked off doesn't even begin it!

I bought some LOVELY yarn on eBay, actually, I bought yummy yarn from two different sellers, so no worries there, then I paid via PayPal, no worries there, right?!?! NOT!!! Apparently due to some sort of glitch in the system they sent my former address from 2.5 years ago! And, that address is in a different country!!! This address does not appear anywhere on my eBay or PayPal account, and it hasn't for 2.5 years, but somehow, both of these sellers were sent this address and so that is where they sent my yarn ... WAHHHHHHHHH! So, after talking with 3 different customer service specialists at PayPal I was told that they were aware of the issue ... SAY WHAT?!?! They knew & were doing NOTHING about it until I CALLED?!?!?! Geesh!!! Anyway, the 'issue' is being resolved, but I feel that I shall never see my scrumptious yarn ... this makes me very sad :-(