Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have you ever had one of those days where you do something that you usually don't ... for one reason or another you feel compelled to do it, even though it's not common for you? Well, that happened to me yesterday.

We are in the process of moving so I was up early as the packers where due to arrive before breakfast. So after I put the garbage out I picked up the newspaper in the driveway and brought it in, so far nothing weird. But I never read the paper, I'm more of a sale-flyer type chic, but today something made me sit down with the newspaper, and I was drawn to one certain section ... why ... I don't know! So with coffee in hand and paper in the other I was immediately drawn to one particular article about a single vehicle car accident that had happened the previous morning. As I read the horrific details surrounding the accident I felt deeply saddened for those involved & those left behind, but then I read the name of the driver that was killed, and it was my friend. I could barely catch my breath, I was shaking and tears were welling up in my eyes ... I just her not a week ago with my kids. We were telling her that we were moving shortly, which she knew but she didn't know our dates yet. We all agreed that we must see each other again plus have visits after the move. We all hugged and wished each other the best & promised to keep in touch ... but now everything has changed.

I had promised to knit her a pair of socks for her birthday ... green, she wanted green socks, any shade of green as long as the were green (her favourite colour), so I said she would have them ... well, I never got around to making those green socks although I thought about them from time to time, and now I will never be able to give her those socks, but I shall knit them, and I shall create a unique pattern that I shall offer to all of you, in memory of my friend, Gayle.

And to Gayle ... may you rest in peace knowing that you touched the lives and hearts of many, many people, more than you could every know I am sure, and you shall be missed by all who knew you, but know you are at rest, looking down on us all, watching over us, because that is who you are, a guardian angel ...