Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tag - You're It!!!

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!!!

Eye Color - Blue
Hair Color - Ummm, blonde-ish right now
Height -
Favorite Color - Purple
Favorite Band - Hmmm, that's a tough as it changes often
Favorite Movie - Perfect Storm maybe
Favorite TV Show - Criminal Minds
Your Car - Honda Odyssey

...Have You Ever...
Sat on your rooftop - not at this house
Kissed someone in the rain- yes
Danced in a public place - yes
Smiled for no reason - yes
Laughed so hard you cried - yes
Written a song - yes
Sang to someone for no reason - yes
Performed on a stage - yes
Talked to someone you don't know - yes

Made out in a theater - yes (not 'made out', but kissing, and it was a very long time ago)
Gone roller skating since 8th grade -
Been in love - yes

...Can You...
Write with both hands - not very legibly
Whistle - yes
Blow a bubble -
Roll your tongue -
yes ;-)
Cross your eyes - yes

Touch your tongue to your nose - with assistance - lol
Dance - I'd like to think so
Speak a different language - yes, but not very well
Impersonate someone - I think so
Cook anything - sure, why not

...Finish The Line...
If I was ... rich I'd build a wonderful home with lots of land around it for my kids to play
I wish ... that my children's dreams come true
The thing that irritates me most is ... stupid people, arrogant people and know-it-alls
I am ... me, and if you don't like it tough, 'cause I'm not changing for anyone!
My heart is ... full, but there's always room for more (if you're a Mom, you understand)