Thursday, June 21, 2007

Please help ...

I'm sure you all know of Annie Modesit & her AWESOME patterns, well, she has helped us make some FAB garments & now it's our turn to help her!

Annie has a GREAT new pattern out - Red Carpet Convertible - it is not 'for sale' but she is taking 'donations' - here is the full scoop:

Thank you so much for your donation for this pattern, I hope you enjoy it!
Our family is facing a health crisis that has set us back a bit, but won't knock us flat.
We moved to Minnesota in Feb 2007 for a life change - I was going to devote more of myself to my knitting business, Gerry (my husband) was going to help out and be "Mr. Mom." while I traveled the country, teaching knitting and lecturing.
During our move it became clear that Gerry's annoying 'bad back' was significantly more serious than we'd originally thought. The bad back became crushed vertibrae, which became osteoporosis, which finally led us to Multiple Myeloma - a blood cancer that manifests itself in the bone marrow and is quite painful.
Gerry is scheduled for a stem cell transplant at the Mayo Clinic some time this summer, and we’ve been given somber projections for life after the bone marrow transplant.
We hadn't planned on this - who would? - and dealing with such a serious illness in a new place with no extended family is difficult. Thankfully, the very kind folks of Minnesota have been very forthcoming in their support, and we feel very much at home.
Our family's goal is to make every day as full of life and meaning as possible, retain our hope while facing the devastating prognosis we've been given by U of MN and the Mayo Clinic. Thank goodness for our friends.

Many folks have asked how they can help. Making a donation - and accepting this pattern as a heart felt 'Thank You' seemed to be the most gracious way to accept help in return for a groovy pattern for a stunning dress!
Even if you don’t knit, thank you for your donation.